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In the spring of 2021* I created a zine of basic information about trans identities and etiquette. I used this zine to come out publicly and share my experiences. I am thrilled that this has become an educational tool for so many, and has been shared so widely! 

*Minor edits and updates made in 2024

ccArtboard 86_edited.jpg

Printable Copies

Download and print your own versions! For the best effect, print in grayscale and trim off the blank edges. 

5.5 x 8.5" pages. Designed to be printed as a booklet, autosized to the printable area from your printer. If your printer has folding and stapling capabilities, center fold & staple.

8.5 x 11" pages. Designed to be printed as double sided pages and manually folded in half. 1/2" white border already added so you can print it at 100%. Please note: pages will look out of order until the booklet is folded.

Request a physical copy

Physical copies can be ordered through my store.

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